Aussie Rules Betting

How to Win Big Down Under

Aussie Rules matches attract huge attendances nationwide, with sides such as the Gold Coast Football Club, Hawthorn and the Brisbane Lions commanding huge followings and considerable column inches in the national press.

You can wager on a number of different markets through our website, whether you want to lay down a simple match bet or speculate on who will win the coveted ‘Grand Final’ prize!

Our Aussie Rules FAQ

How do you Play Aussie Rules?

For those of you who are new to Aussie Rules, this sport combines elements of rugby, football and even volleyball to breathtaking effect!

Played between two competing sides, the objective for both teams is to outscore the opposition, with six points available for kicking the ball through the opponent’s goal and one point scored when the ball lands behind the posts at any height.

With minimal stoppages, the game is incredibly frenetic and fast-paced, creating a watchable sport that’s really enticing to punters!

What About the Wagers – What's the Overall Points Market?

One of the most traditional ways of wagering on Australian Rules is through the overall points market, which affords you the chance to speculate on the total number of points that will be scored in a single match.

On average, between 150 and 200 points are scored per AFL game and, at Mark Jarvis, we offer around 180 points for the market depending on which sides are competing.

You then have the simple task of betting on whether the total number of points scored will be over or under this threshold, creating a simple, 50:50 wager that’s typically more profitable than choosing an outright winner!

Can I Place an Accumulator Bet?

Accumulator bets are commonplace in team sports, particularly in league’s where numerous matches are played simultaneously.

Aussie Rules are no exception to this rule, and accumulator bets offer you an excellent chance of increasing your returns when betting on favourites! By creating four, five or six-fold bets which feature teams that are likely to prevail, you can enhance the odds on offer without compromising on your chances of winning!

Just be sure to use form guides and data to inform your acca choices, whilst refraining from including too many teams in a single wager!

What About the AFL and the Ante-Post Market?

The ultimate objective of any AFL side is to triumph in the Grand Final, which is the equivalent of the much-loved Super Bowl in American Football.

Our ante-post betting market lets you wager on which team will eventually triumph in the season’s Grand Final, and the relatively even nature of the competition means that there are usually some genuinely appealing odds on offer!

This market also contains other interesting wagers during the course of the six-month season, as you can bet on sides to secure a top-eight finish and even record the most losses!

How Can I Get Started Betting on Aussie Rules?

As you can see, we offer a huge range of Aussie Rules betting markets here at Mark Jarvis!

Whilst there’s plenty of choice on offer, however, we’d recommend that you simplify your betting strategy when starting out. More specifically, you should throw yourself into the sport by engaging in money line and match betting, whilst also considering the aforementioned points market as your knowledge grows.

Backing outright league and Grand Final winners may also appeal to beginners, although you should know that these wagers are variable and can be difficult to predict accurately!

Who are the Stars of the AFL?

Like any league, there are various stars in the AFL, with the influential Richmond midfielder Bachar Houli arguably the most famous player still plying his trade today.

The Aussie legend has scored 42 goals in his 204 career appearances to date, having started out with Essendon as a 19-year old back in 2007. He was also a nominee in the coveted AFL Rising Star of the year award in 2008, and his career has gone from strength-to-strength since then.

Interestingly, identifying the sport’s leading stars enables you to speculate on who will win the AFL Rising Star or Player of the Year awards, whilst you can also wager on who will top score throughout the season.

Do you have any Aussie Rules Betting Tips for Me?

Aside from starting small and identifying simple betting markets, you should also rely on large swathes of data to inform your wagers.

This can include information drawn from fan forums, expert pundits or local journalists, whilst statistical data such as form and head-to-head records can also offer an insight into the most likely outcomes.

It’s also important to identify value in the odds available, even if you have to create this by leveraging different markets.

We’d also recommend planning out your bets during the course of the season, as this enables you to manage your bankroll and stretch this as far as possible.