Gaelic Football Betting and Odds

Enjoying the Sport’s Golden Era

The final of the All-Ireland Senior Championship regularly draws crowds of 80,000 people to Croke Park in Dublin, while the National Football League and the All-Ireland Club Championship are also extremely popular. Fortunately, we cover all of these events at Mark Jarvis, so you can wager on the top tournaments wherever you are.

Our Gaelic Football Betting FAQ

How is Gaelic Football Played?

Let’s start with the basics. Gaelic Football is a game played between two teams of 15 players on a rectangular grass pitch.

The objective of the sport is to score points by kicking or punching the ball into the opposition’s goal (worth three points) or between the two uprights and over a crossbar that’s 2.5 metres high (worth one point).

Players can advance the spherical ball through a combination of carrying, bouncing, kicking and hand-passing, as it combines unique elements of rugby, football and even basketball.

What Competitions are Featured at Mark Jarvis?

At Mark Jarvis, we cover a range of GAA competitions and markets, from the All Ireland Senior Football Championship to the Allianz NFL (which features special prices and betting markets on a match-by-match basis throughout the campaign).

This enables you to wager on the sport’s most famous and popular teams, including Galway, Mayo, Kerry, Tyrone and Meath.

So, whether you like to wager on your favourite team in-play or place a range of strategic bets in order to boost your bankroll, you can rest assured that our platform has you covered.

What Markets can I Wager On?

Before you start to deploy your bankroll and place wagers, it’s important to understand the full range of GAA markets available at Mark Jarvis.

This selection includes ante-post, pre-match and in-play wagers, with outright bets on the winners of selected games or tournaments particularly popular amongst punters.

Betting on outright match winners can be particularly rewarding, as draws are not all that common in GAA competition and you’ll enjoy slightly improved odds when selecting a potential victor.

Due to the nature of the game and the structure of the All Ireland Senior Football Championship, five and six-fold accumulator bets are also popular among punters. This represents an excellent way of wagering on match favourites at improved odds without overly compromising your chances of winning.

How do I Identify Value in Match Odds?

If you’re looking to back an outright match winner, it’s important that you’re able to identify value in the available odds.

Fortunately, there are a couple of data sets that you can use to achieve this, with the head-to-head record between the two sides being one of the most insightful.

The form guide can also be telling, but it’s important to break this down into home and away performances. For example, if a side is particularly strong at home, you may be inclined to back them at slightly longer odds even if they’re playing a more favoured eam.

Can I Deploy Handicap Betting in GAA Markets?

Handicap betting is also commonplace in GAA markets, and this offers a tremendous opportunity to create better value odds when backing perennial favourites such as Dublin and Kerry.

In GAA competition, handicap betting takes the form of whole-point handicap (e.g. +/-3 points), with the winning selection determined by adding the chosen handicap to the final points score.

For example, let’s say that you apply a +3pts handicap to Kerry when they entertain rivals Derry. This wager will come in so long as Kerry finish the game within two points of Dublin, regardless of whether they win or lose by this narrow margin.

Conversely, if you’re backing Dublin to win against an unfancied side, you can apply a handicap of -3 or -7 depending on the perceived gap in quality between the two sides. This will afford you access to shorter and higher value odds, while you’d be able to cash in so long as Dublin wins by a margin of eight points or more.

Do you have any GAA Football Betting Tips for Me?

Ok, we hear you ask, but how do I profit from GAA football betting if I’m new to the market?

Whilst there’s no magic formula that can guarantee success, data and insight can be leveraged to make informed decisions regarding both outright betting and in-play wagering.

Home and away form guides are incredibly telling, for example, while social media sites such as Twitter offer access to real-time injury news that allow you to make a choice between two evenly-matched games.

For example, you may be less inclined to bet on Tyrone to win if they were without stellar names such as Kyle Coney and Darragh Canavan, as while this may not affect the odds directly it will have a significant influence on the side’s chances of winning a particular game.