Handball Betting and Odds

Handle your Bankroll with Care

Although you may not think it, handball has become one of the most popular sports across the globe.

Below, you’ll find everything you need to know about our markets, while also learning how to develop a viable betting strategy for the underrated sport of handball.

Our Handball Betting FAQ

How is Handball Played?

That’s a good question to start with - handball is a game played between two competing sides of seven players each (six outcourt players and a goalkeeper).

The aim of the game is to build attacks by passing the ball between outcourt players by hand, while the forwards are tasked with throwing the ball into the opponent’s goal.

A standard match consists of two 30-minute periods and the team that scores the most goals will ultimately win the game.

What’s the Best Way to Bet on Handball?

In truth, the answer to this question depends on your existing level of knowledge and experience concerning the sport.

In general terms, however, beginners should probably focus on outright betting markets such as match winners, as this is easy to understand and can deliver modest (but incremental) returns in most instances.

With each goal worth a value of one, however, it’s not uncommon for handball matches to end in draws. Whilst these are often priced at around 7 or 8/1, they don’t typically represent good value and can diminish the chances of your match bet selection being successful.

What’s the Spread Market and Why Should I Care?

Similar to handicap betting, the spread market enables you to create value and turn the odds in your favour when backing a favourite to win a single match.

In simple terms, the ‘spread’ sets a line and requires the favourite to win by a fixed number of goals for a wager to be successful. The high-scoring nature of handball means that the typical spread is often set at -7. In this instance, your selection would have to win by seven goals or more for the wager to be successful.

Let’s say that you were backing the excellent FC Barcelona to beat minnows Celje Pivovarna Lasko in the Champions League. Here, you may be faced with prohibitive odds of 1/50, but you can shorten this price considerably by applying a -7 spread and speculating on a large win.

You can also leverage this market to back the underdog, although this makes less sense from a value perspective as they already benefit from favourable odds. However, if you apply a +7 spread to this side and they only lose by six or less points, you can land a win and boost your bankroll considerably.

What’s Total Points Betting?

Another popular handball betting market is known colloquially as ‘the total’, which requires you to speculate on the total number of goals that you think will be scored during the course of a game.

Formatted as an ‘over/ under’ market, we’ll set a threshold (usually 45) for the total number of goals scored in a game, and you’ll have to wager on whether the final amount will be more (over) or less than (under) this mark.

It’s fair to say that a small majority of matches feature more than 45 goals during their 60 minute duration, but you’ll need to use team form and other statistics to ensure that you make an informed decision in each set of circumstances.

Betting Halves - Is this a Viable Market?

Whether you like to wager before a game or in-play, betting halves is an incredibly accessible way to gain access to new and exciting markets.

Take betting halves, for example, which enables you to wager on outcomes that you think will take place during each 30-minute period of play.

If you’re backing a team that’s renowned for its fast starts and high intensity but prone to tire late on, you can bet on them to come out on top during the first half alone.

More specifically, you can apply a spread of -3.5 to this team, and this wager will come in so long as they lead by four or more points at half-time. Your bet will pay out at this point, as the final result of the match has no bearing at all.

Prop Betting in Handball - What Does this Entail?

In truth, prop betting is available in most sports, although it might be known by a different term.

After all, this refers to selections and outcomes that have nothing to do with the overall result, meaning these wagers are usually fun and capable of delivering huge payouts if they come in.

They include common wagers such as first or last goalscorer, and you can also bet on a player to be dismissed during a match. These bets are wildly popular in-play too, so don’t be afraid to explore your options during the heat of battle!

Do you have any Handball Betting Tips for Me?

Of course we do! While there’s no definitive way of guaranteeing success when betting on handball, there are steps that you can take to make more informed selections.

As we touched on earlier, data and team statistics can be particularly important when match betting or backing the winner of a tournament.

From team and player form to head-to-head statistics (which detail the recent results of games between two sides), this information can lead to more informed choices and really help you to cash in over time.

Be sure to choose your betting markets carefully too, particularly when you’re new to the sport and looking to learn while you wager.