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You’d have to go a long way to find a more serious discipline than Mixed Martial Arts (or MMA to you and me). If you don’t know, MMA is a full-contact combat sport that brings together striking, grappling and various techniques from different corners of the globe.

At Mark Jarvis, we provide coverage of the UFC and other MMA markets from across the globe, including Bellator and the ONE Championship in the UK.

Our MMA Betting FAQ

What do I Need to Know About MMA?

MMA contains a number of alternative disciplines, from the aforementioned Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu to wrestling, Judo and Sambo.

As we’ve already said, the modern UFC borrows heavily from Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, with the official rules having been finalised and regulated by the New Jersey Athletic Control Board.

Fighters will compete in various weight categories, while contests will vary in length depending on the status of the match. Championship matches and main events will last for a maximum of 25 minutes, for example, split across five rounds of no more than five minutes in length (with a 60-second rest period in-between each one).

Outright Betting in UFC - Can I Back the Winner of a Fight?

You sure can, but you should know that wagering on the outright winner of a fight is different in the UFC than it is in sports such as boxing.

For example, while sportsbooks will offer fixed odds on each fighter to win the bout, the vast majority will also void all wagers and return your stake if the contest ends in a draw. This applies in the event of a majority draw too, so there’s a competitive advantage to be gained with outright match betting as an MMA or UFC fan.

Just be sure to check with each individual sportsbooks, as some may offer lengthy odds on the draw and refuse to void wagers in the event of this outcome.

What is Total Rounds Betting, and Why Should you Care?

Another way of wagering on an MMA or UFC clash is through the total rounds market, which allows you to speculate on how long a particular contest will last.

This is typically presented as an ‘over/ under’ market, where the bookmaker will set a threshold (typically 2.5 rounds in a Championship contest) and challenge you to bet on whether the match will end after (over) or under (before) this mark.

If you select ‘over’, your chosen fight will need to last beyond one minute and 30 seconds into round three for your bet to be successful!

How Does Round Betting Work?

On a similar note, we offer another type of round betting here at Mark Jarvis. This is known as exact round betting, which requires you to wager on the precise round that you think the fight will end.

While this is a potentially lucrative market due to the lengthy odds on offer, it’s also incredibly difficult to predict and something that requires a combination of both luck and considerable knowledge of the fighters involved.

In some cases, you can even select the round that the fight will end and the winning combatant, extending the odds further and increasing the potential payout if your bet comes in.

Fighters can Win in Different Ways - Can I Wager on This?

In addition to wagering on when fights will end, you can also bet on how the contest will be settled. There are four ways in which a fight can be won: decisIon, knockout, submission and disqualification.

Some sportsbooks will also allow you to hedge your bets slightly by backing a fighter to win inside the distance, which will deliver a payout so long as the contest in settled within the rounds allocated (either by knockout or submission).

Make no mistake; this market also requires considerable knowledge about the competing fighters, as each will have their own distinct fighting styles (from skilled grapplers like Khabib Nurmagomedov and knockout experts like Conor McGregor).

A quick glance at each fighter’s record will also highlight how they’ve won the majority of their fights, and this can lead you to make an informed decision.

What About No-contests and Result Changes?

Like boxing, some MMA and UFC results are subject to posthumous changes and post-fight enquiries. However, sportsbooks payout the official result awarded on the night, and any later updates concerning result changes won’t affect the original settlement.

However, bets will be settled on the corrected result in instances where an incorrect result has been called out in error, so this is something to keep your eyes peeled for as a punter.

In the event that a fight is postponed, all wagers will be void and stakes returned unless the bout is rescheduled to take place within 30 days of the original date.

Do you Have any Betting Tips for Me?

As we’ve already covered, if you’re going to wager on MMA or UFC contests and some of the more detailed markets, you’ll need to rely on a broad base of knowledge and insight.

This can be sourced from various resources, including sites such as UFC Stats and Fight Matrix. You should also review news sites and social media channels such as Twitter to access the very latest fight information, from injuries to weigh-in data.

Before making a betting selection, it’s also important that you consider the location and how this may impact on the fight. For example, contests at high-altitude may be unsuitable for European fighters, and this could help you to find value in existing odds that other punters miss.