Motorsport Betting and Odds

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Is there a discipline as high-octane as motorsport? If so, we have yet to identify one, with sports such as Formula One renowned for their unique combination of risk, skill and unpredictability.

Motorsport, which encompasses a number of different events and disciplines, can trace its origins all the way back to 1984, when a French newspaper organised a competitive race from Paris to Rouen. From here, the iconic Gordon Bennett Cup was established in 1900 and motor racing quickly spread to the UK and beyond.

Here at Mark Jarvis, we understand our punters’ love of motorsport, which is why we offer coverage of everything from Formula One and Formula E to MOTOGP and NASCAR.

We’ve also provided answers to some of the most frequently-asked questions that we encounter, so that you can make informed selections and get up-to speed with the full range of motorsport betting markets.

Our Motorsport Betting FAQ

How Can I Get into Motorsport Betting?

Depending on which motorsport you want to wager on, events are often referred to as series, rounds, classes and Grand Prixs. Each event and discipline also offers access to a host of different markets, including some that are easy to understand and incredibly accessible.

In the case of F1 Grand Prixs, for example, the most common markets involve race winner and the fastest driver in practice and qualifying. This allows for continued wagering across three days of action, which is ideal for Formula One enthusiasts around the world.

There are also longer-term markets such as the Drivers’ Championship and Constructors’ Title, which are settled at the end of the season but offer viable odds from the beginning of the year.

I Love Formula One - Are There are any Other Markets that I can Pursue?

It stands to reason that the world’s most popular motorsport (F1) should also offer access to the most innovative betting markets, and this is definitely something to keep in mind as a more seasoned punter.

Take the first retirement market, for example, which allows you to wager on which driver will pull out of the race first and creates an opportunity to make informed selections based on each team’s weaknesses and the nature of the track.

You can also wager on whether a particularly driver will clinch a podium place (third or higher) or finish in the points (10th place or higher), which offers more favourable odds and incremental returns.

What About World Championship Betting?

We spoke earlier about long-term betting markets in F1, which include selecting the ultimate winner of the Drivers’ Championship

From the moment that the F1 season kicks off in earnest with the traditional curtain-raiser at the Melbourne Grand Prix in Australia, odds are presented on each driver to win the title.

While the odds tend to be a little longer and more generous at this stage, it’s important to note that the championship is typically not won until the final five races of the season. So, it pays to place this type of wager a little later in the season.

What Other Motorsport Markets can I Access?

If you love motorsports but aren’t particularly enamoured by Formula One, there are a host of other markets that enable you to wager on the disciplines that you love.

Take NASCAR, for example, which typically gets underway with the iconic season opener (the Daytona 500) and unfolds over the course of a thrilling, 10-month long season.

Once again, you can back the winner of the so-called ‘Great American Race’ and every other Monster Energy Cup event during the 36-race campaign.

Then there’s the Red Bull Air Race World Championship, which takes motor racing betting to brand new extremes. You can also wager on the Master Class winners’ market, which features eight stellar events between February and December.

What Are Motorsport and F1 Match-up Bets?

If you’re a more seasoned punter who wants to delve deeper into the markets on offer, match-up betting may offer genuine value for your cash.

With this type of wager, you’ll have to select a driver that you think will record the highest finish in the race, from a pool of between two and six competitors depending on the bookmaker in question.

The odds will vary depending on the number of drivers included in the wager, as selecting the best-performer from a field of six is harder than choosing from a group of two. Make no mistake; these can make for fun and exciting bets, and they may also offer significant returns in instances where you choose wisely.

Can I Bet in the Winning Margin in Motorsports?

You can, although this depends on the nature of your favourite discipline and the event in question.

In F1, for example, you can wager on the precise winning margin that will be recorded by a driver when he takes the chequered flag. This is typically presented as an over/under market, and you can select whether the victor will win by a margin under 6.9 seconds, between 7.0 and 9.9 seconds and over 10 seconds.

This is a fun and engaging market - although it does involve a considerable amount of chance and requires a number of different race variables to go your way.

Can you Offer Me any Motorsports Betting Tips?

Motorsports betting is relatively simple in some respects, particularly in disciplines such as F1 where teams like Mercedes, Ferrari and Red Bull have a huge advantage over their rivals.

In order to crack more complex markets, however, you’ll need to build a strong base of knowledge regarding different drivers, their form and previous performance. For example, some cars and drivers perform better on certain tracks than others, with Lewis Hamilton having won a record six times at Silverstone since 2008.

The venue and conditions are also particularly important when betting on F1 races, with street circuits favouring cars that are quick through low-speed corners. This type of insight can help you to make informed selections and thereby increase your chance of winning with every single wager.